Feb 9, 2015

Wrinkles and truth

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While playing with DC the other day, I put on my glasses and he immediately stopped our game. He tilted his head and threw me a confused look. It was then that I realized he notices more than I think, and see’s how certain things can change the way I look. When I wash off my makeup at the end of the day he never does a double take, maybe because I don’t really wear enough makeup for it to make a difference, but I like that I don’t look like a different person at the end of the day. Somehow it helps me own my face’s imperfections.

I think we spend our whole lives trying to better ourselves both externally and internally. We have lists of things we wish or want to change, and the list of imperfections can go on and on. As a mother, I hope to teach my children to embrace those things that make them flawed. Acknowledging their faults and working to try and fix the ones that are most valuable and worth emphasizing.


  1. That is the sweetest thing. I love that you're so aware of him and how he learns.

    1. Champagne in the Rain,

      You are always such a stinking delight. I adore you!



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