Feb 9, 2015

Mom to Mom// ode to my momma

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The story of my mother's life is that of a great novel. So hard, and so stricken with trial that it seems almost fictional. She was born to a single teen mother in South America, with no money, no house, and no form of education. 

After being sent away to live with her aunt, she was able to attend public school, where she excelled and skipped several grades. She was driven and focused and knew she wanted a better life. A life she envisioned with freedom and choice, and far more opportunities than that of her circumstance. She envisioned living in America, and that is exactly what she did.

She did not allow what others labeled her, an uneducated statistic from an impoverished foreign land, to keep her from her goals. She knew her value was higher than what those around her said and showed. She was more than that, not because she was better than anyone, but because she had something not very many did. She had faith in herself, and she believed that she was capable of anything she so desired. She also knew that if she worked at her goals, without subsiding, she would achieve them.

That woman went on to receive a full scholarship and visa to a renowned university  on the east coast of the US of A. She even landed a full-time job in the field of her choice before her senior year. 

It is because of her that I am here, and I need to remember the roots from which I came, and remember that when the odds seem stacked against me, I came from a woman who never took no for an answer. #ican #iwill #andsocanyou 

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