Feb 5, 2015

My Weekly Hair Mask

I have been using coconut oil for well over three years, and if you haven't "splurged" and gotten some yet, put it on your grocery list, folks. This stuff will change your life.

Pregnancy did a number on my hair. As a matter of fact, it didn't grow a single inch during the time my belly was baking my son. When he was born my hair looked like the bristles on a broom. It was left dry and straw like. The exact opposite of so many of my glowing pregnant friends. #gofigure 

I did some research and read that coconut oil could repair and heal hair, while helping to restore moisture. As big a skeptic as I was, there was already some coconut oil in our pantry I cooked with, and figured why not give it a try. After applying it twice in one week, like magic, my hair was shinny and healed. 

When I accidentally went blonde two weeks ago, as you could imagine my hair was screaming "help me." Processing your hair is not exactly the best thing for it, so after toning it back to dark, I have been using coconut oil before every shower, and it is healthy and growing as good as ever. 

Here is how I use coconut oil as a hair mask..

What you'll need ..
> one jar of unrefined organic coconut oil

What you'll do ..
1. I do my hair masks on "shower days", so my hair is usually dirty and greasy when I apply them.
2. Section off the top and bottom layers of your hair. Clipping the top half of your hair to your head.
3. Take a heaping scoop of coconut oil and apply liberally, focusing on the ends (i tend to avoid the roots, so as to not be left with an overly greasy scalp).
4. Once the bottom section of your hair is completely covered, release the top section and repeat step three. 
5. Clip hair into a bun on the top of your head, and leave it be for over an hour. 
6. Wash and condition as usual. 

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mrs. measom


  1. I've been using coconut oil for cooking for a while now but I haven't used it for anything else. I will have to try this mask! I have a friend who even uses it at nighttime as a face moisturizer!! XOXO - Em

    1. I tried it as a moisturizer because of your suggestion! Great idea! Thank you! How did the hair mask work out for you?



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