Feb 4, 2015

Did you say hello

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Going through some personal issues, I have fallen quite behind on my emails this week. While taking a few hours to visit a Starbucks and sort through them all, I ordered my regular drink. I exchanged a small conversation with the sweet lady barista, and picked up my drink at the other end of the counter. After about an hour, the manager of the shop came over to me and said "Your drink was free because you were so nice to my barista; nobody is ever that nice." He had voided the charge on my card.

I'm not sharing this to brag. I am so flawed, and I really didn't do anything special. I simply took the time to ask her how her day was, shared her excitement about ending her long shift, and thanked her "so much" for my drink. I put my trials aside and I focused on her.

It hit me that perhaps we are so consumed with our own lives that we don't take the time to tend to those with whom our path crosses. We are in such a hurry that maybe we stop being people. We are more like robots crossing things off our to-do lists as fast as we can. 

The truth is, the good that one person can do is as simple as a "how are you today?" Even if the person you are asking says "good ..", we, for that one instant, put ourselves aside and attempt to be more selfless.

I have to work everyday to be better and especially to be more selfless, but this little incident really humbled me, and was a great reminder that the world is so much bigger than me and my issues.

#humblehearts #gratefultoHimforthislesson


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    1. Thank you so much beautiful!

      xo and hoping where ever you are you aren't too cold like most of us! If so, sending you warm vibes!


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