Jan 15, 2015

Some Favorites

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I like that to think that your skin and hair are pretty important assets. If you don't invest in them now, you won't have very much to work with later. 

Before DC, I used a majority of drugstore skincare and haircare items. I wasn't like most glowing pregnant mommas. Not so luckily for me, I was the exact opposite, and my skin and hair looked terrible. It was time I start investing in the products I was using, and paying more attention to their ingredient labels. Since then, my hormones have changed.. as they do, and I have had to play around with creating new facial and haircare regimens.

Finally, I have found things that tend to my combination skin, and dry damaged (and finally growing) locks.

Above are the things that I have been loving. Hope it helps! #decemberfavorites came late.


mrs measom

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