Jan 16, 2015

Calling the Mitten Home

Some say, "home is where ever you make it." I couldn't agree more! We have moved five times since we've been married, and traveled across the country for a few of them. We have left friends and family to go where school and jobs take us, and each time we make our place feel comfy and full of love. 

It helps filling a space with long sofas and warm throws. Perfect for quiet Sunday naps, and long hard weeks. Light some candles, and perhaps a fire if there is a fireplace, to make it extra cozy.

What I have learned since my college days is that a home isn't just "picture perfect," it is where your heart and mind feel the most relaxed, and where babies will run about, and memories will be made. It is such a sacred place, and one I am so grateful to have no matter where it is.

With this week being a very personal challenging one, I hibernated from the below freezing temperatures, and really got to enjoy just being home. I think it is times such as these where I realize how important feeling "at home" is. It is a feeling of safety and shelter from whatever life throws our way. I am so grateful to live in our home, and to be able to have simple things like heat, and hot water. Especially, when a warm bath never felt better. 

(please note- these pictures were taken in december, so our tree was up. not to worry, it has since been recycled. although, i did try my hardest to get my husband to let me leave it up all year.)

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mrs measom


  1. Let's just talk about how in love I am with your living room!! Seriously dying over here. I'm moving in ;)

  2. Wow, I love your living room!! Do you mind me asking where that gorgeous rug is from? I've been looking for a brightly colored one just like that!



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