Jan 19, 2015


A few months back, I posted about how I never wear jewelry because I don't know how to style it, or mix it with an outfit. I think my initial fear of wearing jewelry came from wearing too much of it.

I had the accessories, I just didn't know how to style them. So, I slowly gave away all my costume jewelry, retired my hoop earrings, and settled for a single band and an initial necklace.

When Rocksbox was delivered to my doorstep everything just seemed to click. Finally, I could test the waters of accessories. It is the kind of happy mail fashionistas pine for.  Rocksbox gives me jewelry that I can wear until I'm bored, and then send it back and get new gems, or I can buy the jewelry I simply cannot live without at a discounted price.

Each piece you receive is personally selected for you by your stylist, or if you see a piece on Rockstar's Instgram account comment "#wishlist," and that item will be in your next box.

If you haven't checked Rocksbox out and are looking for some happy mail or jewelry to experiment with (& help you find your jewelry mojo) this is a great idea! They can be found here.  Use the code "mrsmeasomxoxo" to get your first month free until February 1st.

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mrs measom 

* this post is sponsored by rocksbox. thank you for reading our blog +  supporting our sponsors. *


  1. love this idea!!! And seriously, what gorgeous pieces!!!
    Thanks for sharing mama.

    1. Natalie,

      They have some really great pieces! I wish they could put you in a box and send you to me!

      Now, that would be incroyable!

      xo & love you sweet pea,

      mrs measom


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