Dec 29, 2014

Starbucks moments

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From the moment my son wakes up for the day, I am exhausted. I read somewhere that people with jobs get to hit the snooze button a least three times before getting out of bed. How nice that must be.

The moment I get a "I'm going to be late tonight" text, I can feel a little piece of me die inside because I have been staring at the clock since six in the morning.

The moment I smell poop in my son's diaper, I hate that I am alone for diaper duty.

The moment I find myself covered in crockpot chicken and peas, I wonder why I even bothered getting dressed. 

The moment my son lays down for a nap it's like a race to see how much I can get done before he wakes up. Dishes (check), laundry (check), dinner (. . . shiz, he's crying isn't he?). Guess we are having Buffalo Wild Wings tonight. :winky face:

The moment I finally get myself motivated enough to workout, my son decides he wants to throw a tantrum until I hold him. Whelp, guess I need a Starbucks run.

The moment I load my baby into the car, he screams.

The moment I pull up to the Starbucks drive thru, I smile.

The moment my son see's his sweet treat being passed to me through the window, he laughs and signs "more please" (times a thousand).

The moment he takes his first bite is the first moment all day I hear silence.

The moment that wonderful Starbucks drink hits my lips all is forgiven, and somehow I can get through the next half of my day. The fact that I am jamming out to T-Swift helps a little too.

Cheers to greasy gross hair, socks that don't match my outfit, and Starbucks. What a day. 

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mrs measom


  1. This is how I feel EVERY DAY! My husband doesn't understand why I need a Starbucks almost every day... ;)

    1. Little Sweet Fox,

      I need it everyday too, it would amazing if we could go together aye?

      xo haha

  2. starbucks is the best :) my mom says this too, she says that she is always exhausted! hahaha you're a good mom :)


    1. Pockets of Blossoms,

      I am always exhausted haha, thank you so much for the love and support!



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