Dec 28, 2014

No sleep til brooklyn

photos by-lumi photo
coat- old banana republic similar here // shoes- here //  jeans- here // thermal- here // bag- ℅ here

I don't know about most parents who travel with small children, but man what I wouldn't give to get on a plane with no stroller, no overflowing diaper bag, no eye rolling looks from already boarded passengers, and a tray table that could actually hold my drink and a book. Now that would be a vacation within itself.

Anyways, DC has a terrible time sleeping in public. I don't know if he is too alert, too curious, or maybe even too scared, but he won't have it.  As you can imagine, our vacation wasn't exactly a sleep-in kind of thing. We couldn't get him to sleep during his naps, we couldn't get him to sleep for the night, and we certainty couldn't get any sleep ourselves. 

If there is a way we could transport his entire bedroom, life would be grand. However, until then I think we are vacationed out for a minute, or better yet, maybe we will have grandma watch him the next holiday so we can get some "mama and papa alone time", if such a thing exists. Poor Papa has seen more meltdowns from me than from baby this past week. 

Phew, glad that trip is over. Holiday season 2014 you were amazing, but you sure wore this mama out!

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  1. Oh no!!!! Z is pretty good when we are out but we have to stick to her exact sleeping schedule which (as you can imagine) gets plenty of eyes rolled and looks from fan or friends. Life has changed for this mama too. Sending you love and so glad 2014 brought me you and your blog!

    1. Chic Boston Mama,

      I love you! Thank you for all the love and support always. You are amazing.

      xo and all my love


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