Dec 10, 2014

Son - you are the moon

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scarf // chambray // jacket // shoes // leggings
Today, we had a real raw moment where I was forced to realize my son is growing up, and that no matter what anyone else says, in my heart, I will always know what's right for my little bear. 

It was an instance that made me scared and angry at no one in particular but everyone at the same time. It was a moment where I felt I was bleeding out of every pore, and where I cried. It is in this instance (these raw moments) where I am most grateful for my baby. Tonight, I held him closer, rocked him just a little bit longer, and paid attention to every gesture, babble, and word. 

It was one of the hardest days I have ever endured as a mom thus far, and one where I felt I was crumbling. Then, my son did something magical, at a time where I was giving all of myself to comfort him, while we rocked in the darkness of night, he wrapped his arms tight around me, lifted his head off of my chest where it lay listening to my heartbeat, and kissed me on the lips. He returned his tired head to my chest, and there he laid with his arms wrapped tightly around my neck. Lifting himself up every so often to give me more sweet kisses, until he was asleep. It was there in the darkness my son became brighter than the moon and much wiser than I could ever dream.

He fills me up so much, how could I ask for anything else for Christmas?

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  1. This made me a little teary eyed. What a sweet moment, one he'll never know is held so dear.


    1. Krista,

      It really was a beautiful moments, and one I wanted to write down and never forget!

      xo & happy holidays!


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