Oct 20, 2014

3 steps to staying in love

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Obviously, I am a giant work in progress, and my husband is very patient with me and my flaws. But, I am trying constantly to improve our relationship. Everyday is a renewal of our love, and a chance to be a better partner than the day before.

If you want to stay in love with someone, here are a few things I have learned both the hard and the easy way. 

1. Love hard. Don't ever wake up forgetting how blessed you are to have found your best friend, and let them know! Send them a text. Get them their favorite treat at the grocery store the next time you're there. Leave a warm bath drawn for them after a long day of work. When you love hard, it is hard for your love cup to run dry, and it keeps the relationship spicy. This is the main key, and ultimately solves a lot of issues that come with complacency, being busy, or falling into a routine.

2. Be selfless. You think about you all day. Poor you when the alarm goes off for you to wake up. Poor you sitting in traffic. Poor you . . . blah, blah, you get the idea. How about them?  A healthy relationship comes from you thinking about your partner as many times a day, if not more, than you think about yourself. What can you do to help them? What can you do to brighten their day? Can you apologize first the next argument you have? If they are doing the same for you then you are both going to find you are not only taken care of and loved, but you are spoiled. Nothing is better than being spoiled by the one you love. Remember happiness often comes from service, and serving your spouse or partner, that's just priceless, and will make you feel pretty dang good about yourself too.

3. Be faithful. Be pure in your thoughts, in your actions, and in your heart. Being faithful means you are controlling yourself entirely. Don't allow yourself to be embarrassed if your partner was a mindreader. Love them with all your heart, your eyes, your mind, and your soul. This creates a trust, and a loyalty that no one and nothing can break, allowing you to truly connect with your lover.

Stay happy. Stay together. Keep loving. Be faithful. Remain loyal. You've got this.


  1. Replies
    1. Christine,

      Thank you so much!

      Big hugs, and a happy week sweet friend!


  2. Replies
    1. Celeste,

      So glad you find this to be true too! It just spilled from my heart, like what I will tell my children one day, when they are married.


  3. Replies
    1. Jackie,

      Thank you so much! It was the first modest midi with crochet I found. So I snagged it, and have loved it ever since.


  4. Love this. Your tips are spot on.


    1. Krista,

      You are always so dang sweet! Thank you lovely! What are some tips you have?


  5. Thanks so much for sharing this post! This has been a great reminder for me to put my loved ones first, and in return they will take care of you (fill their love tank and they will fill yours)

    Ps. your outfit is so cute, I love it!!

    1. Kassandra,

      Thank you so much. I wrote this as if I were giving tips to my own grown up son or daughter, but it will also serve as a great reminder to me too.

      Sometimes, it is all too easy to forget.

      xo & huge hugs

  6. Girl, I love this! Thanks for the gentle reminder and for the tips! xo



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