Oct 13, 2014

Remove them baby stains

If you have a little one that has moved into the solid food stage, spillage is expected, and stains are becoming more and more prevalent.

In all honestly, we probably had more clothes ruined from blowouts during DC's infant stage than from food, but sticking with the stage we are currently in, food stains are the absolute worst. They ruin his cute little leggings, his adorable thermals, and even his stuffed frog, Santi. So, I turned to you guys, via Instagram, and like the true momma's that you are, you had amazing tips. Thank you so much for all the advice! It saved those leggings, and then he stained them again! Only this time, it wasn't the pizza that got them, it was the dang carrots!

Recently, while talking to a cousin, she asked what I did to get out spots, and I finally have the answer.

Tips & Tricks of keeping baby clothes looking pristine-

1. Drench in warm water (i fill a bowl with water, and stick the whole dang outfit in there because he gets it on his pants and shirt).

2. Once wet, apply blue Dawn dish soap directly to stain.

3. Scrub Dawn dish soap with toothbrush.

4. Allow it to sit for a minute or two, then rinse clean.

5. If stain is not completely removed, I apply DoTerra lemon oil, and scrub it with a q-tip.

6. Hang dry in the sun, or if it is too cold, and you don't want your babies clothes to turn into popsicles, hang by the window. We have a little rod and hook shelf from Ikea that is perfect for the winter months!

Happy scrubbing! #xotipsandtricks


  1. aahhh just picked up a bottle to keep in our laundry room!

    thanks for sharing gf!

    1. Chic Boston Mama,

      It is the most handy trick ever! It even works on pesky carpet stains. I am still in shock!

      You are a rockstar Natalie!



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