Aug 4, 2014

Mom to Mom // 07

Today, we have Tiff DeLancy joining us for #momtomommonday! She can be found here on Instagram. 

Tiff is a strong and loving momma to her little Nora, and really a great example of making time for herself to do yoga! I first fell in love with her when I saw a picture of  Tiff mid practice, with Nora joining in, I swear my heart melted into a puddle with that first picture. She is pretty wonderful, so be sure and check her out! 

Thanks Tiff!

We all know how important it is to get active . . . with little ones running around though, it's usually the last thing on our to-do list, but if we can incorporate our child into our practice, and just find 15-20 minutes a day, we will feel more energetic, and our child will reap the benefits as well. 

Children are very impressionable at such a young age, so it's an awesome opportunity to instill good habits, while bonding at the same time. Yoga integrates the union of body, mind, and spirit . . . which is a very valuable connection to learn. Even the simplest daily pranayama (breath work) exercise might create a stronger foundation for peace and stillness in their life.

My daughter, Nora, and I enjoy practicing together. Since I've been doing yoga before she was born, she has just soaked up every bit of it. It's so special for me to see her busting out her very own asanas (yoga moves)! And the excitement she gets when I do a pose that she loves. She is always the one grabbing our mats, encouraging me to get on mine each day! Our littles ones have more than enough energy, they just need guidance as to where -and how- to channel it!

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