Aug 3, 2014

A trip to Ann Arbor // michigan 02

Recently, us Measoms' had the honor of hosting an extended stay for one of my very best friends. Having her around during the day was so fabulous. She was exactly what I needed with all the chaos of moving to Michigan. 

While she was here, we took a trip to Ann Arbor, and I fell in love. The kind of love you experience so fast and so quickly, you can't control yourself. You know, the kind of obsessional love where all you do is think about it all day long. I came home, telling the Mister that we have to move there next year. 

It was a drop everything and stare at the historical buildings, eat at all the wonderful delis,  lust after all the cool shops and their goods kind of place. 

Since having DC, the idea of living in a city, but also on a farm is kind of conflicting! I want to be able to live in a place where we can be cultured, and take trips to learn hands-on, visit and explore museums, and then enjoy the walk home, but I also want to have a farm with my own strawberries and zucchini. Perhaps a cow or two.

Teaching my son all that I can in the short time he is with me is so important, but it isn't just about art, and history, math and science, it's about teaching him to be able to sustain himself. Reverting back to the idea of learning everything he needs to be both well cultured, and well fed. I wish sometimes that I had taken a minor in agriculture. To learn how to feed our family and live off the land. To keep the growth hormones and pesticides out of our food and out of our tums. That's been on my mind as heavy as ever, and I am doing everything I can to learn about the world, and the land to have him truly flourish. 

If I could find a place that offered all of that within a three minute walk from our home, I think it would be Ann Arbor, and all the more reason to move there. (hint, hint mister)

Ann Arbor we will be seeing you soon, real soon. (devious winky face here)

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