Jul 31, 2014

Optical Illusion

Whenever I go to the pool I find myself staring at all the skinny minis with no littles, and reminiscing about my old stomach. You know the kinda of stomach not covered in stretch marks. The kind of stomach with no extra skin pouch out and about for everyone to see. 

I missed wearing a swimsuit and feeling comfortable and somewhat pretty. I haven't been able to feel like that in a while, but when I found this high-waisted swimsuit bottom, I said bye-bye to my mommy pouch and stretch marks, and hello to a tight flat tum, that looked like the old tum. No, my stomach didn't suddenly revert back to it's old self, and yes it is all an optical illusion! Thanks to these amazing swimsuits, I look fit, tone, and slim. Just what I needed after a long cold postpartum winter of feeling hideous.

I am obsessed with all the swimsuit pieces found here, and know you will love it too if you're in the market for a vintage modern feel.

|| collaborated with Kortni Jeane. || swimsuit bottom from here //  bikini top target here


  1. Love your suit and your hair style! Very cute look.

  2. you look so good, you shouldn't feel self conscious in the slightest, but you look good in the swim suit, it is so cute!

  3. 1. you look freakin amazing. i wish i had that body. 2. swimsuit is so pretty! i may have to get that for myself!


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