Jul 28, 2014


It's nearly impossible to find a shirt with sleeves, let alone a dress with sleeves. The other day on my Instagram (@xomrsmeasom) I posted about finding two (that's right two modest dresses) in one place. Imagine my surprise! After getting loads of requests about where I get my modest clothing from, I decided to share some of my personal favorite dresses that are currently in stock at a few of my favorite stores.

Theses dresses fall mid thigh or longer on me, and have sleeves. Whoop,whoop! I hope this is helpful to you momma's looking for the same kinda look, with the same kinda modesty requirements!


dresses in order of the way they are shown above ^^ 

dress 1 // dress 2 // dress 3 // dress 4 // dress 5 // dress 6

1 comment:

  1. such good finds, especially that second one! i think i am in love with it


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