Jul 27, 2014

DC turns one

we threw dc his very first birthday party this saturday, and it was a whirlwind of emotions. we didn't go with a theme because that isn't really us or dc. so, we went for some fun tassel garlands and polka dots (all of which momma made . . add that extra special little touch). We blew up some huge ballons, filled them with confetti, and made him his very own chocolate cake (because chocolate is very important to us measoms). 

the party prep took months, the party food took hours, and the party only seemed to last seconds. it was all just a big blur, and i wish so badly that it would have slowed down. 

our house was full of friends and family, and it just seemed so perfect. everyone came for our son, and that just makes me melt. he is so loved our little boy, and we aren't the only ones who think he's a pretty cool dude. some people drove hours to sing him his very first happy birthday song (excuse me as i turn on the water works). 

we are so blessed to have such a wonderful group of people in our lives, who all wanted to celebrate the most amazing thing the mister and i have ever done. he is our whole world, this little boy, and he is just so dang dreamy who could resist?

thank you to everyone who helped spoil and celebrate our little. it was pretty major to have you all there, and we are forever grateful.

michigan, you've been so good to us already, and we love you.

to dc >>

from mommy >> 

since the very first day i held you in my arms i have loved you. there isn't a day that passes that i don't fall harder in love with you. your little personality is beginning to peek through and you're pretty bananas son, but in all the raddest of ways. you are a light on my darkest days, and the love in my heart. you have humbled me, and made me better in more ways than i can begin to share in this small space. 

i loved you the moment i saw those little pink lines, and i love you through the eternities. you hold my hand, you hold my heart, and you are my soul.

mommy loves you baby.

from papa >>

hey little man, you are the greatest little package there ever was, and with those big blue eyes and shining smile you sure know how to slay the lady folk. you bring a lot of sunshine into everyone's lives, including your mama's and mine. we didn't know what to expect with a baby, but you are better than anything we could have hoped for. here's to the first amazing year and many more to follow.

love papa.

ps >> please feel free to leave dc a comment if ya'll would like. i would love to keep them & share them with him one day. thank you!


  1. Hope he had a happy birthday! Love the tassel and balloons :)

  2. DC, you have one hell of an amazing mom! Her eyes glow in every picture of you with her. There is no greater love! Always appreciate her and grow to be the man she knows you are inside. The bond between mother and son is wonderful and I wish your beautiful family that eternal love everyday!



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