Jul 27, 2014


pants here // shirt a&f sold out similar here // shoes here  

i married the mister on 08-18, so naturally when i spotted this shirt I was all " i have to have this." keep in mind that have and need are two very different things, but when i connect them using my "emotional" thinking, or being the sappy mush that i am, need and want become one.

i can't decide if it is an 8 or an infinity, but either way it connects to either my anniversary, and or being with the mister forever, and both are spot on.

if you're a mom, then you also need these pants. they are amazing. they hide any stains, they are super comf, and airy for summer. i wore this very same outfit three times last week and rotated it between my new found love for some overalls. that outfit coming soon.

mister if you are reading this, eat your heart out (insert seductive wink face).

1 comment:

  1. Looooove this outfit. It's perfectly relaxed and cool.


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