Jul 25, 2014

Mid century bench

This bench was pretty dang easy to make, and when I was shopping around for one, the idea of paying $200 + made me squirm. So, I set out to make a simple mid century style bench, and I think it turned out pretty dang amazing (excuse me while i toot my own horn over here, but what can i say i like a good deal). 

ps- I am terrible at giving directions, so bare with me. This project cost me around $70!

What you'll need :

(4) 12 inch table legs. I used these & stained them.
(4) angled leg plates. We got ours here.
1 piece of wood from your local Home Depot, whatever size you want. Ours was about two yards long.
Some batting that is just a little wider and longer then your piece of wood. You will need enough to be able to fold it over and staple it to the wood. We used 1 inch thick batting (although, this bench is really more for decoration then for sitting). You can find your batting at a local JoAnnes and how it cut to whatever size you need.
Some fabric wide and long enough to cover the board and batting. I bought a little over two yards.
A heavy duty staple gun, & some staples.

What you'll do :
Take the plates, and fasten them to the desired position on your wood board.
Stain or paint your legs to be your desired color, and let them dry throughly.
Lay your board on top of the batting, and fold it over the wood, like you are wrapping a present. 
Pull the batting tight and staple it to the board.
Lay the batting covered board on top of the fabric (the print side facing the floor), and repeat the same steps you did when you covered it with batting. Be sure and pull tight when you staple it. You don't want it to have any wrinkles, and make sure you fold the corners extra tight too.
Attach the legs, and set it wherever your little heart desires!
side table ft. above from here


  1. Such a great idea!! I would totally cringe at having to pay $200 for a bench too especially when you can make it yourself for way less!! You did good girl!!


  2. Omg! This is amazing! I feel like I'm gonna make one of these for every room of the house :) I love that you can use any fabric. Thanks for the tutorial!


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