Jul 21, 2014

Recipe // 01

Summer comes around and my mouth drools. We had some pita with our chicken the other night, and it was amaze so here his the recipe. Super easy + healthy + delish, so you're welcome. I hope, ha.

what you'll need //
1/2 onion (cut into as small of pieces as you can get)
1 tbs garlic (we love garlic so i just eye ball it here)
1 tbs oregano (fresh or dried)
1 tbs garlic powder 
1 tbs cumin 
3-4 thinly sliced chicken breast
a little extra virgin olive oil

throw it all into a ziplock bag. shake it up. let it marinate however long you can, the longer the better. I usually let it go overnight, but an hour works good too.

what you'll do //
on medium heat (stovetop cast-iron skillet or grill) cook throughly (i like a little black on my chicken, gives it a perfect flavor). throw it on some pita with a little spinach and whatever fixings you like, and there that is!

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