Jul 18, 2014

Temps for the soul // Giveaway (closed)

I take pride in being a free spirit, and have always been unable to commit unless I am undoubtedly certain about something. That being said tattoos have been something I have wanted since I was in high school, mainly because I also pride myself as being an artist, and want to etch that onto more than just my soul. Regardless to if that makes sense or not, I just can't seem to decide for sure if or what I would get tattoo wise, so Pepper Ink has been my saving grace! I get all the beauty of a tattoo with none of the permeant side affects!

They are so original and beautiful, and I love them all! Literally, I had like six of them at one time, and will be buying more to replace them. Saying I am addicted would be an understatement.

I am so excited to share them with you as my first giveaway to celebrate the redesign of my blog, and the grand opening of xomrsmeasom on Etsy. The lucky winner will win five beautiful tats that I have already selected. All you have to do to enter is visit here, favorite the shop, and leave a comment down below telling me which tat is your favorite and why. The winner will be announced Monday. 

Good luck!

// Thank you all who entered, & congrats to Andrea Everhart. You were randomly selected as the winner! Please email us your shipping information to xomrsmeasom@gmail.com, and we will get your prize out to you. //


  1. My favorite is the vintage blue and white floral temporary tattoo
    I love how delicate the flowers look & how the blue pops ! Not brave enough to commit so this would be great ! Saw yours on your Instagram and really thought it was real !!!

  2. love the tiny tats! especially heart the subtle arrow. thanks for the intro to this easy shop…and CONGRATS on yours! I'm currently crushing on your yarn piece : )

  3. The vintage poppies temporary tattoo is my favorite because it is SO beautiful. I love the vintage feel and the enchanting colors! I would love to win this because my sister (Karyssa Veach) is buying my first tattoo for my 18th birthday so it would be cool to try temporary before going permanent!

  4. Um ... ALL OF THEM. :) But if I have to choose just one, I'd say the "Let Go - Paper Airplane." It's just so whimsical! As a writer, I've always loved putting pen to paper, especially as a form of therapy. Though ... I do love the colors in those florals...

    1. Andrea,

      Congrats! You are the winner of this giveaway! Please email us your shipping info, so we can get your prize out to you asap!

      mrs measom

  5. Love your blog! ��
    My favorite is the black and white floral design because it's beautiful and I'm too much of a punk to get the real deal ��

  6. My favorite tattoo is the AMPERSAND (&). I love it because it reminds me of my wedding day. We had a gorgeous reception and one of my favorite decorations I chose was each of our first initials in black painted wood with a silver ampersand connecting them. I thought that it was so representative of the commitment that we were making to one another and with God on that special day. Every time I see an ampersand I think of how blessed I am to have my best "and" with me for the rest of my life! Also the silver (&) is on a self in our bedroom to look at each morning and night, so cheesy but so fun.

  7. My favorite is definitely the feather you are wearing in your pic! I also love those tiny hearts too though :)

  8. The crown is definitely my favorite! Crowns are the national symbol of Sweden and though I'm a California girl, my boyfriend and father to our 8 month old baby boy is from Sweden. We met there years ago as I studied abroad and we go back every year. Were here now for the summer and I've been planning a crown tattoo for years to stand for Sweden and all it has given me the last few years. I just can't decide where to get it! This is such a good idea and they look so real! I would love to try it out. I'm a big fan of your writing ❤️ Fingers crossed



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