Jun 4, 2014

Refinishing furniture // 01

(from Pinterest ^^)

  before ^^
after ^^
We had some great barstools that needed a serious redo. While roaming Target (as one usually does with a child), I noticed they had the same stools I did, only theirs were in yellow (& also a lot more expensive than i bought mine). Kinda rad, because it showed me that the stools I was planning on scrapping all together could be chic again, if I gave 'em a little extra tender love and care. They were dinged up from the move, so I sanded them (with 220 grit sand paper), bought some gloves (because i get spray paint erry where), and some metallic spray paint. 

If I do say so myself, it gave my stools (and a chalkboard for the Little's room) a new look, for the cost of spray paint. #booyah, to keeping money in this momma's pocket.

Tips for spray painting or re-painting furniture-
1. Always cover the area that you will be painting on and around. You don't want to ruin your floor.
2. Make sure it is well ventilated. I use the garage. When you are spray painting you don't want the wind blowing to affect your paint job or quality.
3. Sand before spray painting.
4. If you are repainting (with real paint only, not spray paint) sand in-between coats. This allows for a nice clean smooth and even surface. 
5. When spray painting light thin coats are best. Spray about an arms length from the item you want to paint (the more distance the better or it will clot), spray in long strokes, and give the piece time to dry before applying the next coat.
6. You can always add more paint, but you can't take off too much (or at least not easily), so less is more here.

black stools // metallic spray paint & here too

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