Jun 2, 2014

Michigan // 01

Last weekend the Mister, DC, & I all took a little walk about our town. You know, to get a little more comfortable with the area, & ultimately find the good spots to eat. It was so sunny, & kinda felt like a dream. A really magical perfect kinda dream.

There was hand holding, stroller pushing, laughs, and inside jokes made. There was even a bubble machine, & our son didn't care one bit. He was more excited about passerby's, and living in a home and a new state we can see just how curious of a personality our son has. Always alert, eyes roaming, and hands outreached, and for the first time we (the mister and i) were just as into taking it all in as he was.

Life has sure been something "cray" lately. With the move, the Mom to Mom series, and a few other things, it has been hard to really stop and enjoy it all. That's what made this past weekend all the more needed.

There will always be a room to clean, something else you could get to make the house seem "just right," but those aren't the things that will make us the most happy. Sometimes I just need to remind myself to focus on what's most important. My little son + dreamboat of a husband.


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