Jun 4, 2014

More times than not.

Not too long ago I reached a point in my motherhood-ness where I wanted DC to be able to put himself to sleep, mainly because we (both the mister & i) wanted him to learn how to self-soothe  Luckily, without very much effort on our part we put him in his crib, & after a few hours of running and walking (practice of course, he's not doing either on his own just yet) he's out like a light.

The first few weeks of this were pretty amazing because as a stay at home mom, with a stage five clinger, getting "me" time is dang near impossible. So him putting himself down for naps had given me a little more time for things like. .well showering.

Anyways, while at first basking in my son's newfound ability to put himself down, after a few days I started to miss him falling asleep nursing. I even craved for him to take naps on me. What is this? Some sort of reverse psychology my ten month old is using?! I felt like I was being outsmarted by an infant. Although that is more possible than not. 

That saying "you never know what you got. . blah, blah, blah," never seemed more real. #preach

As ya'll can see from his pictures, he really is growing up fast. I look back on those days where I rushed him to sleep, and slipped away to shower, and scold myself.

It is hard for me to find the balance in motherhood. More days than not I want to give my little 100 and ten percent of my time, other days I want at least 50 percent of that time to be used to take care of me, and on top of all this I have a husband who needs just as much time as my son. 

Women have been fitting themselves into a million different roles for centuries, and have become incredible multitaskers since the beginning of time, starting with cavewomen. That being said, I must be a rare breed, and not at all in a good way, because sometimes I suck at multitasking, and by sometimes I mean . . well more times than not!

You know that movie "How Does She Do It," with Sarah Jessica Parker ? It never seemed so spot on until I met DC. Man, life's funny.

Any thoughts on finding the balance, mommas?

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  1. Seriously all your posts always resonate so well with me. Balance is the hardest part of being a mom I think! I'm trying all the time to figure out what is best and when. I mean the laundry can only wait for so long.


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