May 5, 2014

Airplane Outfit // 03

Airplane Outfit // 04
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Traveling with an infant is a lot harder than traveling alone, or with a spouse. I even dare say they are not on the same playing field. The little's behavior aside, the amount of stuff you have to bring on a trip with a baby is ridiculous.

There's a stroller, a car seat, all the crap in your diaper bag times a million ( because you never know what's gonna go down on that plane ride. massive blowout. puke fest. you know the shiz that never happens, ever, until you are confined to space barely big enough to stand up in, with a man who is always hogging your arm rest. #entitledpeople ) , plus all the clothes you pack for them, and if you're like me, the crib sheets, the "special blanket," and their puj tub ( because I am a germ-a-fob like that ). I mean seriously. Oh, and of course your stuff too, and if you're a woman by "your stuff," I mean everything you think you will ever need. I knew a girl who carried a full on sewing kit in her purse. Us women, we don't mess around. We are prepared for any natural disaster with a fully loaded 30 pound purse. So, when they say "now boarding those who need extra time," I am gunning it for the gate. 

Look out people, determined momma on the loose. 

I turned a dark hue of red the other day when the Mister and I were attempting to board when they announced the those who need more time to board call, and the "gate attendant" told us we couldn't board early because we didn't have a carseat to load. The call they make for pre-boarding boarding usually says  "those who need more time, or those traveling with small children ( am i right )? I looked down at our baby in the #sakurabloomsling, my massively overpacked diaper bag, our #stokkestroller, and all the other crap we had to load giving her the meanest look I could conjure. Then, I said "are you serious?" She smiled that "I'm the boss, snitch," kinda smile, and I stepped back out of a sheer attempt to not cause a scene. This next part is the frosting on the cake, folks, she grabbed the microphone and said "one last call, boarding those in wheelchairs (correcting her last statement only to make it that much more impossible for us to pre-board)." There wasn't a single person boarding that plane who fit into that category so I was pissed. 

Ugh, give a woman a microphone and she is all high and mighty. I guess the same could be said, give a girl a web address, and she calls herself a writer? #guilty Welp, that's enough for my rant today. Peace! Off to Cali for us!


  1. I have a necklace identical to the one you posted with a "c" on it and everything :) I think that is a sign that I need an outfit like this :)

  2. Flying with babes is so hard. I mean seriously... carrying EVERYTHING. All day. And a wiggly person. It's like the hardest workout I've ever had. You'd think they would help a sister out!!!


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