May 4, 2014

Hello, Michigan.

Let's be real, I don't know what I was doing with my life before DC. He makes everything so much better, and in so many instances he opens my eyes to how blessed I am to have such a dreamboat of a man + little. 

This trip to Michigan was no exception. Scouting for our new home was no easy task, and if anything the first few days were extremely discouraging. This whole relocation process is kind of a ridiculous thing, with a large heaping of excitement. Thankfully, we found our home, and it was such a magical experience. We pulled up onto its street, not knowing how it would look inside, and already it felt like home. We opened the door, and this overwhelming feeling of peace swooshed into our hearts, and whispered "this is it."

With so many mini miracles leading up to finding our new place, and some moments where the baby was screaming, the Mister and I were losing our patience with each other, and the navigation repeating over and over again "turn left here. recalculating. make a u-turn," there were some real highs and lows, but boarding the plane back to Utah was ever so comforting. Everything just felt so right. 

We love our new home. We love the area. We love the people, and more importantly we know that it is the best place for our little son to grow up (at least for the next two years that is). Who knows, Michigan might even become our permeant stomping ground, but let's not get too carried away folks.

For those of you wondering how DC did on the plane, he was a dream. I mean seriously. This kid is a pro at flying. I swear I get more impatient than he does. He was sick, but still just blew us away with how well behaved he was. Even our seat mates told us that if they had a scorecard to hold up they would have given him an A++! Kudos son, way to make your momma proud. #wordtoyourmother

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  1. Can't wait to see you guys!.... For reals this time! And your new place!!! Ps in case you were wondering, I'm still sick. I've now moved into the I don't have a voice phase. It's cute. Cry face.


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