Apr 4, 2014

The Drop off // #truthfulfriday

I said the C word. Yeah, cancer. I'm talking to you!
I remember when I was in middle school, my mom would drop me off at school, and every morning she would say "don't forget to be humble." Not the best thing to say to a hormonal teenager, trying hard to fit in, but she did it anyway. At the time I hated the constant phrase she would throw at me, just as I felt I was entering what seemed to be hell. It seemed cliché on so many levels, but today, I reflect back on it, and smile. She probably did me the biggest favor anyone could. (thanks, mom!) She kept me humble.

Middle school was probably the worst set of years of my life. My body was beyond awkward, I didn't really know who I was or what I was going to do with my life, and all that really mattered seemed to be fitting in. Which I laugh at now, because no one else in middle school probably knew who they were either, so we were all just faking it. We were the fad buying, Britney Spears loving, wanna be's. Ew, gross. But, that was the time, and man I was thrilled to get to high school.

That awkward girl somehow really blossomed. I honestly think it was from all the bullying in middle school that I really learned who I was, and I wouldn't dare let anyone push me around because of it. That made me stand out. My sureness in myself was kinda bad ass, mainly because my mother was undergoing extensive chemo, and the thought that I could lose my lone parent, forced me to be sure of who I was. Alone & potentially an orphan.

There is something beautiful about the really difficult things in life we are forced to face. It can be bullying, it could be a baby who won't sleep, it can be cancer, it can be death, but ultimately in those really hard moments, is where the biggest of all blessings are hiding, and waiting to be found.

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