Apr 8, 2014

In full bloom

Spring is in full bloom around here, and we are pretty excited. So far we have enjoyed watching the LDS annual general conference, celebrated Papa's birthday, and planned two trips coming very soon!

Moving east is also on the horizon, and with it comes a little fear, a smidgen of anxiety, and a butt load of excitement. A new fresh start. A new adventure, and lots more room than we currently have. Who knows, maybe even a puppy? Oh how I yearn for a puppy. I'm not baby hungry (because believe it or not some people have already started asking me when we will have another), but I am house and puppy hungry 100 mas 10 %!

To really get us into the spring spirit, the Mister, the babe, and I all went to a local greenhouse. I have never been to one as ginormous as this one, and it really blew my mind. It had me daydreaming about living a more sustainable life. Learning how to grow my own fruits and veggies, herbs, and other delicious and beautiful things will be happening this summer. I even started dreaming about having my own chickens (for eggs), and ha, get this, I want a cow! Pardon me, as I laugh at how being out west has changed this big city girl, into a rancher?! Well, not quite, but more so than ever.

I listen to country, I love cowboy boots, and nothing says "sexy time" faster than the Mister driving a pickup. Oh spring, how you bring with you so much hope. Especially this wonderful year. Cheers!

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