Apr 10, 2014

soak up the sun + legs come out of hiding

Sleep weaning is producing mixed emotions over here at the Measom's. Sometimes, I am so grateful that DC can put himself to sleep, but other times I just want him to fall asleep on me, and he just cannot get comfy. Momma's boney bod is no where near as comfy as his nice crib mattress.

Also, spring decided to come out and play. 70 degree weather has never felt so good. Watching DC soak up his first spring is so inspiring. He doesn't miss a thing. Birds, squirrels, bugs, he sees them all, and will stare a moment, look at me and smile, as if to say, "you see it too, right momma?!" Oh that boy he is a real dream.

I'm happy that this spring I am not pregnant. (being sick, or if your pregnancies are like mine, being pregnant, during the nicest parts of the year is a real butt sore.) I'm happy that I get to enjoy watching the world through my small angel of a son's eyes. I am grateful that around this time years ago, I got to watch my husband play baseball, and fall in love with him all over again. I love this man. I love this baby. I love spring, & I am feeling pretty dang blessed.

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  1. I remember loving taking walks with my daughter at this age, too! It's so fun to watch them explore and experience everything for the first time.


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