Apr 14, 2014

Como Se Llama

(we got there extra early, just so we wouldn't have to wait on long lines for food, and this couple looked like they had been camping there for the very same reason! pico norte is just that dang good!)
(here are our friends that competed. pretty awesome, huh? love ya T!)

This weekend some friends of ours competed in the #questival race that broke Instagram on Saturday, and was trending on twitter. It was kinda an awesome thing. This greenie company created a 24-hour "race," as part of their marketing companion and it was a pretty nifty idea, if I so say so myself. At the end of the race, there was a festival. Their posters said "llamas will be milked. street food will be eaten. good will be done. trips will be won." So, naturally the Mister, DC, and I waited at the finish line for our friends. Street food was surely devoured, and music was playing as stories of their 24-hour adventure were shared. It was a pretty good time. 

Also, if you live in Utah, you have to try Pico Norte & Fiore Pizza food trucks. Don't forget Art City Donuts while you're at it. These three trucks are amaze balls. I could seriously live off of them. Eventually, of course, I would be the size of the Nutty Professor, but at least I would be a happy Nutty Professor. Right? 

Have I mentioned that DC is starting to actually like eating something other than his momma's milk? Baby steps, but it's finally happening, and on Sunday he ate a whole pouch of baby mush. I was so proud. 

PS- If you were thinking about going to the new aquarium in Utah, don't. The Mister & I went, and we felt like it was a total rip off. We left with our tail in between our legs. (insert sad face emjoi here)

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