Apr 1, 2014

Hi. I'm Mrs, & Im a Hart of Dixie-holic

For those of you who know the background on me & my mister, you know that the Mister has a pretty busy schedule. We never get more then one full day of the week together, and it's pretty damn sucky.

It's sad to say the DC & I are pretty much just the two of us for a majority of the time, & we really miss our third musketeer. Sometimes it feels Iike I'm a "lone ranger," all day "erry day." On those days it gets pretty hard to keep my mind from being all sad & mopey. 

Honestly, I'm always pretty busy, but as most mommas know we are amazing multitaskers (us woman), & no matter how much we have going on our minds somehow always find time to make lists & / or focus on the things we should, would, or could be doing. Basically what I am trying to say is that no matter how much I have going on, my brain somehow always finds time to go to the sad "I'm all alone," (without my spouse) place. 

Loneliness can be a harsh reality, and as such can dig up some nasty habits. I think it's pretty much an instinct for people to do things they wouldn't usually do to fill up any feelings of loneliness. Some become drinkers. Some become depressed. Many become hermits. Most woman become shopaholics. The common theme being we become some kinda addict to some kinda something to fill the void. 

What's my addiction? Well, it's rather simple. A "Hart of Dixie," marthon, a 16 oz dirty DP, and a random baking / cooking up a storm. It's really the perfect concoction for any loneliness syndrome. The tv show gets me to laugh and entertains me Iike the Mister does, while giving me a little background noise / adult conversation, the 16 oz dirty DP gives me the boast of energy to keep going with that energerizer bunny of a son I have, & the cooking makes me feel like I've accomplished something other than tummy time for the day. Plus, let's face it when you're in sweats all day, your level of motivation isn't quite through the roof. 

What am I trying to say with this rant? Honestly, I have no idea. I guess that motherhood, womanhood, & wife life aren't all as glamorous / leave it to beaver as so many assume, but it's certainly the most fulfilling type of life, & one most certainly worth thanking Him for. #anewtruth
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  1. My void is filled with 'Friends' and baking - I'm right there with you! Busy husbands are the ruts. But my friend once described it to me like this: I'd rather have a 100% man 10% of the time, than a 10% man 100% of the time. So even though his appearances are rare, they're wonderful, and he's wonderful! And I'm thinking you can relate :)

  2. Right there with you, and now he's about to leave for two weeks at a time for training. It's the pits.


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