Mar 1, 2014

The Challenge

Lately, I have been making lists of things I want. From things for the house, to things for my son & husband, even things for me. Truth be told, I kinda obsess over the things I want, get em, & forget about them after a while. How embarrassing. I will probably get a lot of whiplash for this post, & admitting these personal thoughts via worldwide web, but I want to be real and honest, & maybe some of you are having the same feelings. Regardless, I made the first step to "recovery," if you will, by acknowledging the problem. I caught myself in the act, & ever since have really started to pay attention to such thoughts & actions.

Like I do with most of my personal struggles, I did some research on the matter. (nerdy i know) Looking into why I might be so caught up on the "things" of life, I found that across the board on social media, the people with the most followers are ones with the most "things!" Next, I started wondering why? 

I came up with a few answers for me personally, & then made them generic. I find that people tend to want to fill the voids in their life. I think we use "things" as a way to fill those voids, or snub a problem. We want things to fix problem, & sadly they never do. So we focus on the next thing, and then the next thing, all the while going & going towards things that will never help resolve the real issue. Kinda like an emotional eater, but with things.

I want to be happy with the things I have! That being said, I am going to challenge myself to a month of loving the "things" I have. Embracing the humble home that we have, & not being afraid that because we don't have marble countertops, or a subway tile backsplash, my ig pictures won't look good! (come on you know you've thought the same thing!) I am also going to do a month of outfit posts with the things I have, & show how I rewear and reuse what I've got. Limiting myself to just a few pants, tops, skirts, and accessories. Because after all, things really don't matter. But, the things I do have, they're worth having, & I want to show my love and gratitude for what I've already got!


  1. I love this post! We've all been there x

  2. i have worn this same look many times! love it :) you look beautiful

  3. Love this. I have so little inspiration for my blog and rarely post my own pictures on instagram because of this! You are spot on. I feel like I don't have anything to blog about because I rarely get new "stuff" to talk about.


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