Mar 1, 2014

skirt- old nordstroms similar here
flats- old forever21 similar here

"Since we are being honest"
For some reason my left brow raises by itself when I'm making a fake smile, or thinking something conspicuous. Kinda like one of those thermometers you stick in the turkey on Thanksgiving. You know, the ones that pop out when the turkey is cooked through. Well, my left eye brow kinda does the same thing, as if to say, "i'm done with this now." Embarrassing, but true. It makes taking these "serious" model type pictures pretty damn near impossible. Maybe because I am, in all honesty, no where near a model, in my 5 foot 3 & 1/2 inch self.

I also can't really seem to pull off the edgy or the bad girl look, so perhaps looking at these pictures now, the pleather was a terrible idea. Oh well.

Better luck next time? Polka dots and pleather, holy hell what was I thinking?

ps- don't mind my three toned hair, it will be fixed soon. stay dark, or go light? Help, I have hair color a.d.d.

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