Jan 14, 2014


It has taken me five hours to put my son to sleep. As I write this post, he is sleeping on top of me, in a position he has never, in his life, tried previous.

Full of painful whines, cries, and binker toy tosses, he has finally pooped his constipation out, and fussed his teething pain so hard, he's snoozing. 

The truth is, I did everything I could think of. We went for walks, took a warm bath, nursed, played, and chewed on a few celery sticks.  

#wtftuesday, you came back with vengeance. My house is literally a wreck, I started out cutely dressed, now I'm half naked, weave out, and exhausted. Making long to-do lists in my head, not being able to do a dang thing because my baby has finally gone out for the count. 

Oh, motherhood you never looked so ugly as I do now. 

#lifeisagame #&ineverwin

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