Jan 13, 2014

Oh, Hollister

The Truth about my Outfits
I have been working on getting ready more, and thinking about my outfits like a work of art again. It is not easy, at all, and really takes a lot more thought than most my outfits have been give in the last few months. 

I don't know why I stopped trying (as far as clothes go). Maybe, it was because I didn't have time. Maybe, it was because I didn't really leave the house, ever. Or, maybe, it was because I didn't feel comfortable with my body, and felt rather ugly.

Either way, I am trying to be better at getting dressed. Let's be real, none of my clothes fit me the way they use to, so I am still trying to figure out what I can and can't wear from my pre pregnancy wardrobe, and find new things that fit me the way they should. 

Wish me luck. I'm trying to be more like the cool me, and less like the soccer mom version of myself, ha!


  1. haha ok you are inspiring me because that outfit is so cute! It kills me that my clothes all fit so weird now. Some too small, some too big- how is it possible?! I think it's time to weed through them

    1. @ Anne Hill,

      I hear you. I had to go through my closet today, and couldn't bare to part with anything! I kept thinking "this will fit again." Maybe, in two years, when I have stopped #breastfeeding, but by then who knows? Maybe, I will be starting the whole process all over again!

      You are the very sweetest, and I adore you! Big hugs!

      mrs measom


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