Jan 21, 2014

Your heartbeat is my lullaby 

Something has been going on with DC. I don't know if it is teething, or growing pains, but putting him to sleep has been such a painful experience for the both of us. He cries. That horrid, painful screech, that hits my heart so hard, it breaks. I start to cry when I hear that terrible scream, and there is nothing I can do. Hence, my recent withdrawal from blogging. 

I consider situations like this, with my child, beyond an emergency, and it requires all the attention I have to give. I just want to fix it. Find out what is wrong, and mend it. Sometimes, I get him to sleep after nursing, then patting his bum. Sometimes it takes nursing, walking around, and patting. Other times, it takes him just laying on me. Hours are spent daily trying to calm him. He jams his tiniest of fingers into his mouth, biting down, which leads me to think it is teething, and I start this battle in my mind. Do I give him some medicine? Do I just hold him while he cries for hours? I don't want him constantly numbed by harsh medicines, in his sensitive of all tums.

Funny thing is, at night he sleeps perfect. Hours upon hours of straight sleep. Of course, getting him down is nearly impossible, but once he is, we are solid. I also noticed, that he will whimper in his sleep. Are they bad dreams, or is he feeling pain? It hurts my soul.

Being a mother is such a joy, but when your baby hurts, it can be the most painful thing you ever experience. I am a mother, and patience is key. Being patient, though, isn't the hardest part, it is dealing with the pain I feel because he hurts. Staying calm, and not crying when he does because I hurt too.

our favorite song to dance to this week


  1. It so painful yet so joyful being a mama isn't it?? So so hard when you can't figure out what is going on. Hang in there!! I know the "pain" all too well. Gorgeous photos!!
    Also, I read the above post! Welcome to my "area"…although I'm in IN but still close :-) The snow is rough through here and Michigan but the lakes are gorgeous!

  2. Aww, so sorry, momma. Those sad little cries are the hardest to hear. We've tried (& are liking) Baby Orajel Naturals. Seems to help with the pain without the nasty taste & numbing additive in regular Orajel. Maybe there are some homeopathic remedies you can try. Hope those little teeth pop through soon! xo


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