Jan 29, 2014

The Green Little Monsters.

Jealous, much?
Jealously is a crazy thing. Obviously, it is not a good thing to have, but we all have it at some point. It's only natural, right? 

Well, regardless of how natural or unnatural it is, I am sure we have experienced both ends of the jealously stick (either being jealous of someone, or someone being jealous of you). Lately, this has been on my mind, as I am trying to be better about those "nasty little green monsters." Girl, sometimes I don't even realize I am being that way, until after the fact. 

Putting some more thought into this topic, I did some research, and found contrary to my belief, men are just as jealous as women. Maybe, they are just better at hiding it?

Jealously can bubble to the surface in many ways. Maybe, we see a nice car we wish we had, and are quick to think "rich boy, driving daddy's car." That's terrible to admit, but I know so many of us are guilty. It could also be as simple as someone having more "followers" then you on some social media network, and not wanting to "like" the status, tweet, or picture, because you don't want them gaining more! 

I am no where near perfect, and jealousy definitely exists within me, but like comparing myself to others in a post I wrote about numbers (here), I find it so hard to take notice of when I am doing it. I want to live a life where there is no envy or jealously, because I know it takes the beauty and the blessings out of my life directly. I also know, it doesn't do me any good, or even get me anywhere. Being jealous, forces us to think lesser of ourselves, and also to constantly feel not good enough. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Life can all too often feel like one giant competition, but it isn't unless we make it that way. We should never put others down for having something we wish we did, and most certainly should never put ourselves down for not having "things." After all, they are just things.

I believe that if you want something bad enough you can obtain it (well as long as it is realistic, of course). All that being said, I plan on taking all that negative energy, gaining control of when I feel jealous, and instead replacing it with more motivation to work harder to get whatever it is I want for me, my husband, and our beautiful family. 

Free yourself of the shackles of negative feelings and energy, and thrust yourself into success with me, as we fight the urge to compare and be jealous, and work for the life we so greatly deserve. The very best.  

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  1. Can you hear my thoughts? I swear I was just thinking about all this this morning. Well said. We are all guilty, myself included although I would consider myself a less jealous person then most women I know..but still, I do find that I get jealous and like you said sometimes I don't even realize it until after the fact. I love a good honest post like this…food for thought! Thanks!!

    1. @ Val,

      I am so glad you can relate, nice to know I am not the only one!



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