Jan 26, 2014

(i think last weeks trip, to the sundance film festival, helped us realize we can take dc anywhere, and survive. it gave us some co-jo-nes. how? well, we got there, and saw he took a massive pooh. luckily, or rather unluckily, we had no diapers. #unpreparedparents #hepeedalloverme)

This weekend, we got bold and packed up our little man, riding off into the mountains. (with lots and lots of diapers, might i add!) We had some awesome friends come with us, and it was literally just what our little family of three needed. 

It was so refreshing being outdoors, and finding "my center." You know, centering yourself in a busy, bustling, world gets tricky, but when you just pull yourself out of the craziness, and connect with the simple pleasures of life, you feel rested and at peace. So amazing + much needed. 

It was pretty awing to me, that every single time we road on the four wheelers, DC instantly fell asleep. He loved it. Best sleep aid I ever did see. 

There is nothing like amazing company, good food, funny movies, four wheeling, and a small town ice cream shack. 


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