Dec 30, 2013

The numbers

sweater found here. i got one for christmas and it is heaven.

The minute you start school, you learn that it's all about the numbers. What grades you get, how many friends you have, or even how many candles were on your birthday cake. As you get older, that becomes more and more true.

Numbers start to become important. The number in your bank account, the number of your student loans, the number of your salary. It always seems to be about the numbers. You have dates for deadlines, a countdown until something like college is over.

Lately, while sitting with myself, I realized I was looking at the numbers so much that I wasn't really enjoying life. I was overwhelmed and consumed with all the numbers running through my head. When we are almost conditioned to think a certain way, how do we train ourselves to think differently? I want to set our family free of all the numbers, but how? Where do I begin?

I want my son to live a life where he has goals and learns to reach them, but doesn't compare himself and his numbers to others. I guess that is the problem. Numbers are often used to rate ourselves, and we can take those numbers and compare them to others. So and so got such and such on their test. Blah blah blah spent this on their car. Numbers make it all too easy to feel not good enough, or lesser.

What if the whole world got rid of the number rating system, and in its place put together a way to rate you to only yourself. Like, if women's sizes weren't numbers, maybe many of us would feel prettier and less "fat." Whatever that means.

Life shouldn't be about the money, the deadlines, or even the number of friends or followers we have. But, in a world where that is really what we are focusing in on, and oh, so very closely, how do we turn it off? Can we? 

I think it starts with ourselves. Stop looking around and outside, and look inward. Give yourself your own number system. Set your own goals and deadlines, and stop feeling lesser. All too easy too say, and so much harder to do. #preach

If life is about bettering ourselves and about the numbers, where is the balance? Is that the balance? Trying to better ourselves while reaching the numbers we have to or want to?

Help, I'm over thinking again!

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