Dec 31, 2013

A Teething Babe

A Teething Babe Makes for a Dr. Pepper Addict
The teething. That alone is a paragraph. I cannot imagine being in such excruciating pain, and not being able to express it directly.

When crying is your only way of communicating, and you are feeling something you wish you weren't, it only makes sense that its cry, would be one so loud, so heartbreaking, that someone, somewhere, would, instantly, react. That being my synopsis, my son is, by nature, a very calm, sweet, quiet boy, (he gets it from his father) has taken a turn into the teething version of himself (sad, sad day). As of recent, he has been feeling something awful.

The crying is nonstop. I haven't slept since I don't even know when, and forget time to myself. I strap him in his carrier on me, and off we go. All day he is literally on my hip. He can't put into words how badly his pain is, and I, too, am just as speechless at his agony.

When your child is going through something miserable the torment they endure is also shared by you. That is beautiful in more ways then one because your child is never alone. "You bleed when they bleed." It is instant for me to bare his yolk with him. With such a role, we really are being made more perfect, and more like The Savior. How breathtaking it is to me. What a wonder! Maybe, that is what I am suppose to take from this trial. I needed to be humbled. The world doesn't revolve around me. I need to learn how to be more patient, and practice better selflessness.

As a mother the heartache I feel for my infant son's toothache is beyond. (that is my new word, thanks to teething. i use it for everything because my brain is fried, & i can't seem to get creative enough on the regular to think of any other words for anything.) Luckily, during this crazy time, my husband is off from the deadlines of school and work, and can manage to give me some "mamut time." (that's what we call me now "mamut." the misters new favorite word "ever" he says.)

My thoughts on moms with a teething babe go as follows ;

1. I am so sorry.
2. It will be over in  . . . oh, I don't know three years or so?
3. When your baby seems like they can't cry any longer, oh, don't worry they can keep going.
4. Never say they can't get any louder, they will.
5. Oral gel does nothing.
6. My son won't even let me come near to him with some gripe water. Back into the Solly we go.
7. Nap. When they nap, you nap!
8. I am so sorry.
9. Take long pee's. Just sit there when you can and take a minute. That's usually when I can get a second to just pull it together, and return to the battle!
10. Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.
11. Embrace the drool. It makes babes look so much cuter (I think its very flattering on D.C. haha)
Optional: Dr.Pepper out the wu-tang!

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