Dec 29, 2013

Live in it

A Weekend for the Books
The Mister and I wanted to do some things we hadn't done before, and when you add into the adventure the tiniest of small D.C.'s, you know your weekend will be amazing. 

We got brave, and took the babe to his first movie (in theaters). It went so smoothly. I don't know why we hadn't tried it sooner? (although we all know it was because i was too chicken, and didn't want people telling me my baby was being too loud. no one wants to be that person in a movie theater.) 

He was so enthralled with what was going on, on that huge screen in front of him, that for most of the movie he watched along, until he fell asleep. I mean, really? He is honestly the best baby in the whole land! Love you, Little Bean!

In case you were wondering, we watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. If you haven't seen it yet, it is a must see. There is no violence and no sexual anything, so we felt really good about that being a movie we took our son to. It was actually PG. Who knew?! They still make those? 

It was so touching, and when the Mister and I left the movies, we couldn't stop talking about how funny and relatable it was. We gave it an A+ +, and we'll certainly be buying it for our movie collection. 

There was one part that really hit me hard, where a photographer is waiting for a shot he had worked so hard to get, except he doesn't take the picture. He just watches it. Walter asks, "aren't you going to take the shot?" The photographer doesn't look away from the moment happening before him, and responds, "sometimes, when I really like a moment, for me, I don't take the picture. I just live in it." Those aren't the exact words, but it is something like that. I couldn't help but think to myself, sometimes I am so caught up in trying to "save the moment," with my pictures that I'm really not living in it. There is such a fine line there. Trying to remember, trying to enjoy, and trying to be in the moment, you know?

Oh life, how you can be so tricky. Kudos to this weekend. One to remember for sure.

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  1. I loooove that movie too!!! It was so good.... Now I want to travel the world

    1. @ Rachel,

      Funny you should say that you want to travel the world after seeing that movie! It made the Mister turn to me, in the middle of the Greenland scene, and say the very same thing. It was a fabulous one (for sure), and really made the wheels in my head turn. It is a special moment when something just hits the heart like that movie hit me!

      Big hugs, and thank you so much for reading!

      mrs measom


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