Dec 26, 2013

Presents under the tree and from the heart

What am I thinking? What do I want ? Sometimes it is the simplest questions that are the hardest to answer. As a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, there is so much going on within me, that it becomes that much harder to just sit with myself and figure things out.

With Christmas past, I have defiantly come to realize how beautifully and abundantly blessed me and my family are. I was so overwhelmingly grateful, and all day long I confessed to my husband how much I really felt loved by God. As I ran around the kitchen preparing our big Christmas feast, I knew how blessed we were to have a home so full of warmth and love, decorated as best as we could come up with, and filled with the coos of our very own baby. While I nursed that little babe to sleep, I thought about how luckily I was that at five months, he is a strong as an ox, as smart as a wit, and as handsome as his Papa. How joyous it is that I carried him in my tum, that I provide his sole source of nutrients, and that from me and with me, and the hand of our Savior, he will always have someone who understands.

There are so many beautiful blessings, small and big, and all too often I am too busy to stop and be grateful, to quick to complain, and too far from within myself to realize that life is wonderful because I have two boys that hold all the purpose I need.

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