Dec 4, 2013

Sleep my precious.

The other day, someone shared with me their theory of their baby's sleep patterns. Instead of me realizing that it was "their theory," for some reason after we spoke, I interrupted her opinion as fact (that was my first mistake). I came home shortly thereafter, to try what she had shared, and man oh man did it not work. She told me that she would just put her babe into his crib, and 1, 2, 3, he would put himself to sleep. That he even slept entirely through the night, every night. Could this be real life for mothers out there? I hadn't heard of that being possible for momma's with babies my man's age, until her.

Her babe was about the age as mine, and this was her third. She told me that it was what she did with all her kids, that a babe who gets lots of sleep is the happiest baby . . . blah blah blah. Like a good infomercial, I bought in! However, D.C. did not want anything to do with the sort. I laid him down for his nap, and he cried. I couldn't take it. I grabbed him and quickly soothed him, whispering that he was okay, and how sorry I was that I even tried it. Of course, I didn't let him cry it out, I was even called a wimp by someone who remains anonymous, you know who you are (haha)! 

I know him, I know what he needs and wants, after all we had developed and established his patterns together. He showed me what he wanted, and ever so respectfully I have obeyed. I want to be a loving mother. I don't feel like I let him get away with anything, that he is spoiled because we do things differently than others. I feel like I do what is best for him, and more importantly what works for us. 

So, what is the lesson I learned? My baby is pretty dang happy, quite matter of factly, the happiest baby I know, regardless of what his sleep patterns are or aren't like, and I love him. I love him more than anyone else on this whole earth (fact, & period!) I will always make sure I am doing what is best for him, and settle for nothing less. What works for me won't work for everyone, and vise versa. I love all mothers who love their babes "to infinity and beyond," and support all who do what is right and best to make sure their bay-bay is happy, healthy, and filled to the brim each day with kisses, cuddles, and giggles.

Cheers to all you mommas. You are all my heroes, and rockstars in my eyes!

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  1. I love this.
    Your absolute doing the only right thing, in my opinion.
    I really wish there where more mothers like you. (And me. Hehehe ;) )
    Keep it up like that; don't ever let your sweet boy alone, don't ever hesitate to "spoil him" with love and mentioned "kisses, cuddles and giggles".

    YOU rock.


    (anjinho from Instagram)


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