Dec 3, 2013

November Favorites

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Deck the halls! It's Christmas season, and life is beyond cheery! I have a little boy with whom I can enjoy everything, and it has been highlighted by so many of his firsts already! His first fall, his first Thanksgiving, his first snow, his first tree. It really makes me so much more grateful for everything we have, and I notice so much more of the simple pleasures, even down to the beauty in the rain, as my son stares out at it in awe. Man, did November fly!

So, let's get into the faves, shall we? 

|| Glasses (here) || I do not have a pair of these glasses . . .yet, but they are on my favorites list because I am obsessed! I know that if I had them, I would have them on every favorites list for years to come!

|| Chocomania body scrub (here) || This chocolate scrub is basically the whole reason I even made a favorites list this month, because it really made the month of November feel like fall. Smells like you are spreading yourself with the most decadent melted cocoa you could find. It also leaves your skin beyond smooth, but that is just a bonus when you smell like chocolate for days, right? Plus, it is under ten bucks, on sale now

|| Matte Foundation (here) || bareMinerals, I mean only good things have I heard, and only good things can I say. It doesn't break me out, gives me medium or light coverage, depending on what I am needing that day, and lasts quite a bit (one container per 4-6 months). And, if you're lazy like me, its perfectly safe to sleep in. Which I am probably guilty of doing every time I wear it. It is under 30 bucks, so worth it! PS - if you have oily skin like me, go for the matte version. Helps keep the oily skin at bay. 

|| Starbucks hot cocoa (here) || Starbucks caramel brulee hot chocolate is heavenly. If you haven't tried it you must! It is, and will always be my go to fall drink. Great for if you are nursing and can't drink caffeine for your babe.

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