Dec 3, 2013

Loaded WTF Tuesday

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, I wanted to, I just got busy enjoining my baby, and also a guilty pleasure I call "cyber Monday." For those of you who don't know what that is, basically it is the kick off of all sales (online) for the holidays. This momma loves to shop, and she also loves to save, practically the biggest oxymoron there could ever be. I'm the biggest oxymoron you'll ever meet I guess? Anyways, a shopping I did go, and let's not forget "black Friday!" I was out that day too. 

The Mister was so proud of me, I had all my Christmas shopping done before November came to an end, and finally got around to ordering some new pants for myself. That really needed to happen. I have hips that are wide enough to get a baby out of them, quite literally. As you might imagine, new pants were a must, and there was never a better time of restocking then "cyber Monday." 

All, and I mean every last pair, of the pants I ordered shamelessly came from the same place. Now, before I tell you where they came from, let me prefix this by saying, you are all totally going to judge me, but I worked for them through high school, and into college. They were the only place I bought pants those four years because I got a sick bum discount, and they are so worth the judgement because they last. They don't stretch out, and they don't lose their wear. So for the big reveal click here and find out where! They are still offering 50% off everything online! A must for those on the denim hunt! (this store is not a sponsor, just a place I love to shop!)

Moving on, I am so excited for Christmas. I have a few surprises in store for the Mister, and it will be the babe's first! It was hard to shop for a baby under the age of one, I will admit, but I couldn't be more excited to share with him the traditions are Christmas old and new. We are even going to make sure that every year we do a Christmas card, to look back on and see the growth of our children. How cute they were, how handsome they've become, and oh how the time flew (I'm sure it will, as it already is). 

As usual, the house is asleep, as quiet as it has been all day, the momma is a blogging (because I can't sleep, and I've come to accept I'm a night owl), all the while fighting the urge to eat some brownies and milk, which has never been so hard. 

I once was a girl who could eat anything I wanted and not gain a pound. I had a baby, and man has that changed. Working harder then ever before to get back to were I was, and fighting the urge to eat snacks has never been something I have had to do, so obviously that is a work in progress, ha! 

Nighty night, and good day! Ta-da brownies, I resisted you tonight, but will I be able to resist in the morn?

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  1. I was going to guess American Eagle!! I am convert ever since I figured out I was a size 00... now I'm expanded out to a 0... ;( Long distance hive five for thick hips!!


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