Dec 10, 2013

Home Sweet Home, you're Just so Dreamy

There is something about turning a home into your home, that makes me feel like a super feminine lady ! From the flour jar, to the candles, every little detail matters, and as a momma and wife it matters even more because it is my job to make our home just so! Back when I envisioned being married and having a few babies running around, I saw a home full of natural light, with pictures of us hung along the walls. Those details have come to life, but as we bounce from place to place, sometimes making a home feel like ours is hard. I guess you could call us gypsies, as we roll with the punches?

When you rent (like we do) it is kinda sucky. We end up paying more then a mortgage for the convenience of not having to worry about selling a place when we move every one to two years. You can't really make a kitchen your dream kitchen (with subway tile and that deep marble sink). Those things are still just a stupor of thought, but until then, I've got succulents, and rosemary growing, Bath and Body works wallflowers and candles a burnin', and a baby filling both our rooms and our hearts with giggles beyond!

One day we will have our house (I want a small house that packs one hell of a punch!), with a big yard, and dog. That's my simplest of dreams. Holy Mulligan hill, I'm house hungry!

|| Above are some recent Pins, from my Pinterest, that I have been obsessed with. Links to the original sources are on my Pinterest account.||

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