Dec 13, 2013

Parking lot Selfies

Target you bring so much joy into our lives, especially your parking lot

DC has a thing for laughing at my funny faces, and for looking at himself. Both are things that will instantly produce a smile, a giggle, and an excited scream (which is a new thing he is doing, love the cute new noises he makes), anywways... they are things I fully support! Who knew that years of making faces at my brother and mom, would pay off in such a heart melting way? My iPhone camera should have burst into flames the other day, while I made loads of funny faces, while he laughed, and stared at himself on its screen!

Happy weekending!


  1. So fun! My little guy looooves staring at himself in the iPhone screen too- so funny!

  2. @ Anne Hill,

    How old is he? It is honestly one of DC's favorite things!



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