Dec 16, 2013

Bacon never fails

Bacon and French Toast on Sundays are becoming a Tradition

The Mister was out of town again from Wednesday until late Friday, and I was jumping for joy the minute he rung the doorbell that night. While he was gone, I was a lone parent, and man is that rough. Shout out to all you single parents out there because it is seriously the hardest thing! Keeping the house clean wasn't happening, the clothes were thrown about the floor, I don't remember eating a complete meal, and my little babe was teething. It was a mess around here to say the least. The hardest part for me was the lack of sleep, and the lack of adult conversation. I lost way too many brain cells that week, not that I had many to spare!

I realized how blessed we are to be a family unit. How luckily our son is to have both a momma and papa, who totally adore him, and, who just as importantly, adore each other.

Sunday we made our usual sourdough french toast, bacon, and eggs. Delightful. Every Sunday after church, we throw on our sweats (the Mister leaves on his button up), and the kitchen is in full use. We fire up the stove, sing songs to the onlooking babe, and dance around the kitchen like the nerds we are, all the while the heavenly smell of bacon fills the house. Yum!

#beyondblessed #baconismyboyfriend


  1. I love your family!! Blesdings!!! And I completly understand how you felt those few days. My husband leaves for 2 weeks every once in a while and it is so hard and sad, when the baby was younger sometimes i wasn't even able to shower during the day.

  2. haha #baconismyboyfriend - love it! Sounds like an awesome tradition to me

  3. @ Cris Fannesthil,

    You are the most amazing sweet pea in the whole land, to say such sweet things! I didn't shower for four days, that trip, actually! Don't judge me, I know thats nasty haha.


  4. @ Anne Hill,

    #baconismyboyfriend is the truth! What can we say, we love us some french toast and bacon. Come on over for some!



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