Dec 18, 2013

Everyone's cup of Tea

Here are a few of my favorite things as of late. 

1.I am starting to go nuts over having our own home, and more importantly, our dream kitchen (especially now that we know where we will be next year...announcement later).  We see it having shelves, and a chalkboard wall, subway tile, and a farm house sink. In my head it is as gorgeous as a dream, and as white and minimal as possible. Hashtag - the kitchen is the heart of the home, everyone knows that, silly.

2.The model seen above has an amazing colorist and is making me want to go blonde again, after I swore never to go back. I am loving the dark roots, and the blonde with tan skin. Any thoughts? Also, her shirt is too die for. Buy it here. 

3.Losing all this weight, and getting closer to my goal, makes me wish I never ever cut my hair. To all of those who have long hair, and what to cut it short don't. Please, don't. It doesn't grow back quite as fast as you think! Hashtag- is it summer yet? 

4.This shirt explains me perfectly, and when my best friend pinned it, I thought "and this is why we are friends!" Then I repined it, of course! I have a little more spunk then my momma would like, what can I say? I'm a Jersey Latina, there was no hope for me being everyone's cup of tea! Miranda Lambert has it right when she sings "I can hear my momma saying, 'don't matter how you feel, it only matters how you look!'"

5.That magnet knife holder, and those cooking knives are every chiefs dream! 

Oh, dearest Pinterest, you sure know how to make me want so many things, that all too often don't have links!
|| Photos featured above were found on Pinterest. ||

1 comment:

  1. I am OFFICIALLY on the hunt for that it! on another note....i ALSO love your blog! :)


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