Dec 12, 2013

Buh-bye Crap Food

Clean eats are quite stunning. This is how I lost my postpartum weight.
When I was pregnant, I did exactly what the doctors tell you not to do. I ate everything I wanted, and in surplus. Embarrassing yes, but it is the truth. Remember when I looked like this? One month postpartum I wrote about feeling huge, and if you look at them thighs gurrrl I was ! (Note to self : next pregnancy you need to be careful, those hormones store food like a mother...Literally.)

Pre-pregnancy I was a health food freak. My body was lean, tone, and detoxed. Our fridge was only full of produce and meats, and there was nothing canned, boxed, or pre-made to be found. In my first trimester I was so sick, that I really couldn't eat. When I did, of course I was as cautious as they come. During my second trimester, I started feeling a little better, still in and out the hospital, but beginning my cravings. Into the third trimester, I still didn't feel good, and emotionally I was a wreck, so I ate like no other. Burgers, colas, cookies, and more. Never in my life had I been an emotional eater, but to be fair, I had also never been pregnant before, and had that many hormones raging through my once tiny bod.

I got huge. I gained more weight then anyone should have, and my body really paid for it. After the babe was born, I realized I was hungrier then usual, which could have been because I was breastfeeding, and also because I had stretched my stomach far beyond its previous size. Three months postpartum, I was at a stand still with my weight loss, and had never felt so discouraged, or ugly for that matter. My body was literally a wreck. No muscle tone, no shape. I realized that although I was working out regularly, I wasn't practicing the most important part of getting into shape, self discipline. I was running four to six miles, but I was still eating for two, and most of it was just crap food. Tsk, tsk!

I forced myself to snap out of it. I emptied out of fridge and cabinets of all the junk, and in its stead, replaced it with loads of produce. Now, I am down to the last 5 pounds, losing somewhere between 45-50 lbs in total within the last 4 and a half months! Imagine that?! Finally, this hard work has paid off, but there is still a lot of work left to go! Em last 5 pounds are a bee, if you know what I mean! I don't just want to be skinny, the most important thing is that I be healthy, fit, and toned.

|| Here are some tips on eating healthy and getting into shape. ||

1. Get rid of the crap food. If you know its there, and if it is accessible, you will eat it. Give it to a neighbor, preferably a skinny one.

2. Keep lots of fresh produce in your fridge. This will help when you are hungry, and keeping you full longer. No more empty calories! I give myself one or two splurge treats  a week, depending how my workout has been going. (sweet tooth fairy, you are the devil with your mouthwatering cupcakes!)

3. Restrain yourself. Eating whenever you get the urge can be just a habit (or form of emotional eating), keeping that stomach stretched out and bigger. Instead make sure to eat three balanced meals, and if you get hungry in between, snack on some carrots or celery, juicing is good here too.

4. Don't eat after six in the evening. This helps with your metabolism, and keeping that fat at bay.

Wishing you all luck, while fighting hard to keep my body clean. With Baby starting on solids veryyy soon, I need to make sure I am setting the example!

|| Photos featured above were found on Pinterest. ||


  1. I'm fighting my weight right now.....
    Well.... to tell the truth not really fighting =)))) Mostly just complaining and whining =))))
    But I've just reached the maximum of weight I have ever had.....
    So..... I guess it's time!!!!
    Thanks for inspiration and tips =)))

  2. I needed this! I am 29 weeks and feeling the worst about myself I have ever felt. I feel so guilty for feeling that way but I also feel as though I will never be myself again! I needed to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for sharing!

  3. @ Natasha,

    I was a complainer too, in case you couldn't tell by almost all of my recent posts, concerning my weight! That can be a good thing sometimes, if it moves you into action! I hope it helps, and am so glad you found it inspiring because, Lord knows, I needed some to get my bum back into the gym post baby!


  4. @ Sadie,

    There really are so many trials in pregnancy, and all of them so very personal. Don't feel guilty! I was in the same boat, and still am, as far as feeling like I will never be my "old" self, but the truth of it is, babies change us, and in so many good ways.

    Sending you big hugs and all of my support and love!


    P.S. - wishing you all the best with your babe and their birth! Good luck, sweet pea!


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